Arrow Stunt Series continues to shine

The Arrow Stunt series has been so warmly received by fans and I've really appreciated the increase in videos shared in Season 3, compared to Season 2. The final two videos have been uploaded, both with interviews with Fight Designer James Bamford. Team Arrow vs The League James explains for all the trivia buffs that... Continue Reading →

Thea takes down Slade

In the latest Arrow stunt video we see Oliver and Thea take on Slade on Lian Yu. James shot the rehearsal video at night before Christmas and you can see the Christmas lights in the background, giving it a festive feel. James explains that Slade targets Oliver's recently injured shoulder. However Slade loses track of... Continue Reading →

I felt that punch from Australia

A new clip for Arrow's premiere episode "The Calm" was released over the weekend and it was freaking awesome! It has everything, a new improved kickass Count Vertigo, Arrow vs Oliver and did I mention the fight scenes? Well the first punch Vertigo Oliver delivers...well let's just say I felt that punch from Australia. The... Continue Reading →

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