Stargate Atlantis Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi shared the following images of James and the stunt team (Simon Burnett and Jeffrey Robinson) in the episode First Contact. From Stargate Wiki: "The Armored exoskeleton was a type of equipment used by the Vanir....... The exoskeleton suits have 30+ moving parts. The lights located on the arms are... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes on Arrow

Arrow's Paul Blackthorne shared some wonderful photos behind the scenes shooting Code of Silence, the episode James directed. What a talented man he is. Here's a few shots. View the full gallery     James hugging the adorable Miss Emily Bett Rickards    James chatting with the lovely Ms Charlotte Ross    Emily at the engagement... Continue Reading →

More action gold! New Stunt series video

Almost as famous as Stephen Amell uttering "Facebook" is James Bamford's introduction to the stunt series... "The action scenes you see on screen are designed and rehearsed by our team of stunt professionals. We use stand-in props and a bit of imagination to help it all come together." I love it when he says that.... Continue Reading →

Go Team Arrow at the UBCP/Actra Awards

Arrow and Stunts Canada will be well represented tonight at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards, which recognises the talent in the British Columbia Film and Television industry. Of the 6 nominations in the Best Stunt category, 5 nominations are from the TV series Arrow and 4 nominations are for Stunts Canada members. It's no surprise as Arrow... Continue Reading →

Behind the stunts on Season 2 of Arrow

While North American Arrow fans have been anxiously awaiting Season 3, I've been counting down the days to the Arrow Season 2 bluray release and I was not disappointed. The stunt featurettes are a DVD highlight and Wirework on the Season 2 Bluray box set gave a fascinating insight into the use of ratchets (air... Continue Reading →

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