Stargate Atlantis Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi shared the following images of James and the stunt team (Simon Burnett and Jeffrey Robinson) in the episode First Contact. From Stargate Wiki: "The Armored exoskeleton was a type of equipment used by the Vanir....... The exoskeleton suits have 30+ moving parts. The lights located on the arms are... Continue Reading →

Stunt Driving with BamBam 

I found myself down a rabbit hole this evening watching Stargate BTS videos and it was so much fun. One of my favourite Stargate Atlantis episodes was Vegas - great story, fantastic look and spectacular stunts. Towards the end of the episode, Sheppard drives down the highway towards the camera & does a 180 spin.... Continue Reading →

#tbt Choreographing for a pregnant woman

I rediscovered an interview with James for MGM where he discusses fight choreography for the Stargate Atlantis episode "Missing". In particular he discusses the challenges of choreographing for Rachel Luttrell who was pregnant at the time. Firstly, awwwwww at James' reaction upon hearing the exciting news from his friend. James was able to choreograph the... Continue Reading →

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