Toughest day on Arrow [PHOTOS]

At 4:30am this morning Bam tweeted he was up early for a special day. Over the day a few photos were shared by Stephen from Grouse Mountain and I can already tell that when the episode airs the hype won't be misplaced. Four words.... Stephen Amell sword-fighting shirtless! Stephen had eluded to the big upcoming... Continue Reading →

Bam on the Arrow/The Flash set

Courtesy of The Daily Mail, I found a high-res version of the photo of Bam on the set of the crossover episode with Arrow's Stephen Amell and The Flash's Grant Gustin, intensely watching a scene. It appears Stephen & Bam have the similar taste in footwear lol Source: The Daily Mail More photos at The... Continue Reading →

Shoutout from Stephen to the stunt team

At yesterday's PaleyFest Arrow panel Stephen Amell mentioned the amazing Arrow stunt team, JJ Makaro, James Bamford, Simon Burnett (Stephen's stunt double) and Jon Kralt, who apparently does all of the high falls on the show. Stephen was impressed with the detail that went into the stunt sequences and mentioned how they mapped out chase... Continue Reading →

Arrow filming stunts in Gastown

It seems that every man, woman and child in Vancouver was watching and recording stunts performed by Stephen Amell and stunt double Simon Burnett in Gastown. The stunts involved scaling a building and jumping onto a moving truck. Photos and video can be found at: Canadagraphs Just Jared Vancity Filming yvrshoots

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