A lot of heart, but no technique

If there's one character that has created the most debate on Arrow it's Laurel Lance. Her destiny to become Black Canary was known from the beginning. Fans were thrown a curve ball when her sister, Sara, who was presumed dead, came back wielding a staff and calling herself The Canary. In the past Laurel had... Continue Reading →

BamBam loves a challenge

One of the key features of a great Stunt Co-ordinator is the ability to think on your feet and change plans as the need arrives.In the case of the awesomely talented James Bamford it was changing the way a training sequence between Malcolm and Thea was shot. Production was behind schedule and Director Glen Winter... Continue Reading →

Digital boomerangs save lives

In the latest instalment of the Stunt series, James takes the fans behind the scenes of the Captain Boomerang fight. He explains that boomerangs don't always neatly return or could cause a hospital visit for the stunt performer so visual effects are employed. What a great fight sequence and I love James' chuckle when he... Continue Reading →

More action gold! New Stunt series video

Almost as famous as Stephen Amell uttering "Facebook" is James Bamford's introduction to the stunt series... "The action scenes you see on screen are designed and rehearsed by our team of stunt professionals. We use stand-in props and a bit of imagination to help it all come together." I love it when he says that.... Continue Reading →

The Canary Fight kicks ass!

I was only wondering yesterday what had become of the stunt video series that was so popular during season one. Well wonder no more, 'cos it's back! The first featurette uploaded is The Canary Fight from Arrow Episode 201 City of Heroes. Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator/Fight Choreographer James Bamford said the scene in the show was... Continue Reading →

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