We went hardcore parkour in 412

Stephen Amell responded to a question about jaw-dropping stunts he or another person has done recently and teased about an upcoming parkour sequence in 412 that may be the best Arrow has done to date. Bold words from the lead actor. Here's his response: "I do some stunts coming up! First of all, we went... Continue Reading →

BamBam finishes work on Army of One

James shared, via Twitter, that he'd finished work on the satirical comedy Army of One starring Nicolas Cage and Russell Brand today. Directed by Seinfeld's Larry Charles, it's the story of Gary Faulkner's quest to single handedly take down Osama Bin Laden and al Queda in Pakistan armed only with a sword. It's loosely based... Continue Reading →

It’s only the best promo trailer ever!

There's only one rule in Superhero Fight Club... there are no rules! If you're part of the Arrow/The Flash stunt team there's one more rule "Don't talk about Superhero Fight Club" ....and they didn't, for months! The patience of James Bamford astounds me. This morning the CW released an explosive new promotional trailer, directed by... Continue Reading →

Brick, beatings and the Batman voice

An added bonus for me with the release of each new stunt rehearsal video is that I get to see stunts that haven't aired over here in Australia. It really is the coolest. In the latest stunt video Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator, James 'BamBam' Bamford, breaks down the brutal fight between Wildcat and Brick, featuring stunt... Continue Reading →

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