A lot of heart, but no technique

If there's one character that has created the most debate on Arrow it's Laurel Lance. Her destiny to become Black Canary was known from the beginning. Fans were thrown a curve ball when her sister, Sara, who was presumed dead, came back wielding a staff and calling herself The Canary. In the past Laurel had... Continue Reading →

Has Gunman #2 risen from the dead?

James Bamford announced via Twitter that he appeared in front of the camera on Arrow today. James has appeared on the show several times, most famously he played Gunman #2 in The Pilot, whom Oliver chased and broke his neck. Could Gunman #2 have been resurrected by way of the Lazarus Pit? It may be... Continue Reading →

BamBam loves a challenge

One of the key features of a great Stunt Co-ordinator is the ability to think on your feet and change plans as the need arrives.In the case of the awesomely talented James Bamford it was changing the way a training sequence between Malcolm and Thea was shot. Production was behind schedule and Director Glen Winter... Continue Reading →

Arrow stunts a smash hit! D’uh

Arrow returned to the screen this evening for the mid-season premiere and it comes as no surprise that James Bamford and the Arrow stunts team received an enormous amount of appreciation for their work on the episode and the show via Twitter. Here's a snippet:   #ArrowMidSeasonPremiere I’ve done many TV series, but our #Arrow... Continue Reading →

Bam takes us behind the scenes of The Climb

Woke up to the most amazing pic/vid spam from Arrow Stunt Co-ordinator James Bamford this morning including some shots never before seen.... seriously if you haven't got an Instagram account, run and join up and follow @james2bambamford. Here's just a taste of what you'll find. http://instagram.com/p/weVlDYloKb/?modal=true http://instagram.com/p/weWD3-FoLN/?modal=true http://instagram.com/p/weW6RYFoNA/?modal=true http://instagram.com/p/weXBtlloNM/?modal=true

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