Bam’s Verified!

I woke up today and checked what Bam had tweeted and got the lovely surprise of a Twitter Verfication Mark.     I had almost given up on that. I had tweeted and emailed the CW, especially when someone had created fake stunt department accounts.  Twitter Verification is important as it shows that person represents the... Continue Reading →

Arrow stunts a smash hit! D’uh

Arrow returned to the screen this evening for the mid-season premiere and it comes as no surprise that James Bamford and the Arrow stunts team received an enormous amount of appreciation for their work on the episode and the show via Twitter. Here's a snippet:   #ArrowMidSeasonPremiere I’ve done many TV series, but our #Arrow... Continue Reading →

Nothin’ beats the poop emoji

I started an emoji battle on Twitter with James last night. it didn't last very long. Nothin' beats the poop emoji. lol. That's one of the many thousand reasons I like James. He's playful. I remember times when I'd be telling my Mum about some Twitter battle I was having with James. She'd just say,... Continue Reading →

Congratulations BamBam! 5000 Twitter followers

Arrow fans have quickly discovered what Stargate fans have known for years - James Bamford is awesome! This morning James reached 5,000 followers on Twitter: Wow...I've just hit 5000 followers! As I always say, welcome to the new 100, and thanks for sticking around to all the original gangsters! — James Bamford (@JamesBamford) July 14,... Continue Reading →

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