This could be the best photo ever

At the start of the year I nominated James for a competition to select the subjects of a photographic portfolio project. Naturally James won and received an amazing photoshoot with VNBPhoto using a 1920's camera system. VNBPhoto gave me the opportunity to buy a limited edition hand printed photograph of James from the project. The... Continue Reading →

Is this the awesomest photo ever??!!??

Remember way back over 2 months ago when I had this impulsive idea to nominate James Bamford for the Vancouver Creatives portfolio project. It's been a crazy couple of months. Lots of fans voted (over 1200 votes), setting voting records that VNB Photo had never seen.The other week James shared a photo of the camera... Continue Reading →

Bam’s Vancouver Creatives photoshoot

Bam shared the news that the photoshoot for the Vancouver Creatives portfolio occurred today at the offices of Stunts Canada. Six photos were taken. Judging from James' tweets he thoughly enjoyed the process. So well done everyone for voting for James. I'm not sure when the photos will be published. VNBPhoto usually release a photo... Continue Reading →

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