Video/Audio interviews


Arrow Interview with Director and Fight Coordinator James Bamford– Buddy TV
Arrow: James Bamford on Directing His First Episode – Give Me My Remote
Arrow Season 4 Episode 22 Review w/ James Bamford – AfterBuzz TV
DC All Access interview with Tiffany Smith [VID]
James ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford – PremScene at LFCC July 2011 [VID]
On the Set: Arrow‘s Stunt Coordinator Teaches Us How to Fight Like Oliver Queen – TV Guide Dec 2014
Stuntman from Stargate’s demo – The Sun UK [VID]
The Phenomenon – Gateworld [VID]


Risky Business – Gateworld [AUDIO] with transcript
Vancity Filming Podcast Episode 6 – Vancity Filming [AUDIO]
Next Level Radio Interview with James Bamford – Next Level Radio [AUDIO]
Season Finale Award – Entertainment Weekly [AUDIO]

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